AC EV Portable Charger 7.4kW Type 2 (10A-16A-20A-24-32A)

Portable Charger, Rated: 230VAC 32A
Current adjustable range: 10A-16A-20A-24-32A
Cable Length: 5M black color cable
Vehicle Side Connector: Type2 (White color)
Wall Power Supply Plug: Bule CEE Plug
HMI: LED indicator + display screen + press button
Customer’s logo and model details on the plug and box

SKU: EV30003 Category: Tag: Product ID: 1313


Plug type GB T 20234
Power supply plug GB
Input power 1-phase: 230 V/AC 50 Hz 16 A
Output power 1-phase 230 V/AC 16 A (3,7 kW)
LED status indication Integrated
Operational temperature -30 °C to +40 °C
Vandalism-proof No
UV resistant Yes
Certificate CE
Stainless housing Plastic
Over-current protection Integrated
Leakage current protection Integrated
Cable length 5 m
Weight 2.5 kg
Brutto Weight 2.5 kg
Brutto Dimensions ( Width x Height x Depth ) 420 x 80 x 420 mm
Manufacturer Workersbee (China)
Warranty 24 months

Depends on the onboard charging capability the EV can charge at a specific maximum power.

We provide both 16Amp and 32Amp rated EV charging cables.


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