AC EV Public Charger 22+22kW – RFID

Wallbox Charger, Rated: 230VAC 32A 7KW
Vehicle Side Connector: Type2 plug+ 4M cable
HMI: LED indicator + Display screen + touch button
Start/Stop Method: RFID card (4pcs RFID cards included)
Custome’sr logo and model details on the plug and box

SKU: EV34002 Category: Product ID: 1314


EV Wall Charger Type 2 -22+22kW 

Information available on request


EV Charging Power and Time

Charger AC/DC Rated Power 30kWh Battery 60kWh Battery 90kWh Battery
Schuko 16A AC 3.6kW 8hrs 16hrs 24hrs
Schuko 32A AC 7.2kW 4hrs 8hrs 12hrs
1-phase 16A AC 3.6kW 8hrs 16hrs 24hrs
1-phase 32A AC 7.2kW 4hrs 8hrs 12hrs
3-phase 16A AC 11kW 3hrs 6hrs 9hrs
3-phase 32A AC 22kW 1.5hrs 3hrs 4.5hrs
DC Fast charge DC 50kW 40mins 80mins 120mins
Tesla Supercharger DC 120kW 15mins 30mins 45mins


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